Community Improvement Programme

>>> Camp Asia is strongly committed to delivering meaningful community projects where students are involved and give as much as they receive, making your school trip a unique learning experience for the students.
>>> We strive for these projects to be safe, culturally interesting and truly beneficial to local communities. The goal of each project is to educate and engage participants while at the same time helping a community in need.
o We work closely with local schools and orphanages with which we have established strong relationships based on confidence & mutual interest. We think it is important to teach the students about differences, solidarity and volunteering concept.
o We would also like to raise general awareness on direct environment and impacts of our actions.
>>> We can bring new experiences to your kids:
>>> Interactions with local or ethnic minority kids in a series of games and friendly challenges
>>> Contribution to meaningful service projects such as concrete help (playground building, reparations, collective painting project in a schools or villages) Involvement with local kids in educative workshops (cooperation on trash picking, recycling issues).

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